Secure Travel Specialist Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) course is specifically designed to prepare your personnel for travel to complex, challenging and or hostile environments.

What is H.E.A.T?

The HEAT course is purposefully designed to increase awareness of the risks posed to individuals, so they know what they can expect, how to recognize and avoid threats, mitigate these risks and how to react if an incident occurs or the unthinkable happens.

It is a threat-focused, principle based course that combines classroom learning, applied scenarios (which include testing the participants), hands-on training and other practical skill sets for traveler safety and risk mitigation.

We offer a comprehensive array of subjects with the HEAT program and work closely with you to ensure that we deliver the content and practical learning that is most appropriate to your objectives and your personnel. We are also happy to customize our courses to fit your specialized goals.

Course Standards

STS HEAT Course Options:

There are additional elements that can be added to the STS HEAT Course according to your needs,



Hostile Environment Awareness Training


Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival


Black Ops Escape & Evasion


Advanced Countermeasures Training (ACT)



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Our course includes the following topics:

  • Risks to workers / travelers in the destination environment
  • Pre-Departure Prep
  • Travel Safety and Security
  • Traveler Situational Awareness
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Threats from active shooters, terrorism, bombings, and mobile active killers including vehicle attacks and knife and machete attacks
  • Threat recognition and avoidance
  • Security planning and response
  • Effective Transportation Security and Management, vehicles, taxis, drivers as well as driving overseas (including vehicle incidents)
  • Hotel Security
  • Natural disasters
  • Emergency First Aid practical skills
  • Scenario based training

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Benefits of STS HEAT

Greater understanding of the risk environment

Participants come away from HEAT courses with a different perspective on safety and security as well as a more comprehensive understanding of potential threats, which can help them stay safer and can support fulfilling your duty of care obligations.

Travelers are more confident about safety and security

After completion of the STS HEAT Course, your personnel can travel with confidence. The lessons learned not only offers your travelers proactive risk mitigation, but the situational awareness to avoid it.


Increased awareness and security planning

Having the ability to assess a situation and have a better plan in place for contingencies and emergencies keeps personnel and travelers ahead of any would be risk and can go a long way to ensuring their safety as they travel.

Professional training delivered by experts

STS HEAT Instructors are highly skilled professionals that have real world experience in hostile environments, which adds immeasurable lessons learned delivery from the operational environment.




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Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival

The STS Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Course is specially designed to teach personnel and travelers, the principles, protocols and methods of kidnap prevention and survival as they travel in all environments.

Black Ops Escape and Evasion for the Traveler

Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course is a highly unique and comprehensive STS course to mitigate risk, reduce exposure and help ensure your personnel know what to do and how to do it should the unthinkable happen.

Travel Security Online Courses

To help people and organizations mitigate travel risk and ensure their safety, Secure Travel Specialist Travel Security Online Courses equips them with the knowledge they need to spot and avoid risk before it strikes.

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