The STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course is specifically designed to prepare your personnel for travel to complex, challenging or higher risk areas. It imparts escape and evasion operational level information, tactics, techniques and procedures. The survival tradecraft in this course can be employed for dealing with situations in which the individual has been unlawfully restrained, transported, imprisoned in an abduction, kidnapping, hotel invasion, hostile business intrusion or if forced to flee or evacuate from a global hot spot.

What is the STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course?

This is a highly unique and comprehensive STS course to mitigate risk, reduce exposure and help ensure your personnel know what to do and how to do it should the unthinkable happen.

In it, the expert instructors masterfully combine classroom learning and practical hands-on training that teaches your personnel to solve threat-based problems so they can improve outcomes in critical situations and crisis.

This course is exceptional in its delivery of highly coveted hands-on practical tactics, techniques and procedures for traveler safety, survival and risk mitigation for worst-case scenarios..

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STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course Standards

Our course improves traveler safety and risk mitigation teaching your travelers how to survive a crisis, think through complex problems, learn the basics of personal defense, gain critical detention and restraint escape skills, what to do in an emergency, how to deal with violence, surveillance detection, what to do if targeted on foot or in a vehicle, how to become a human lie detector, hotel safety and survival, transportation safety, airport and airplane safety, how to use social engineering secrets to your tactical advantage, how to become invisible if pursued, what gear to choose from pre-departure to destination, how to improvise, how to develop a winning mindset, and other extremely valuable tradecraft secrets that could save lives, mitigate risk and reduce exposure

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Benefits of STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course

A whole new perspective on security and planning

Participants come away from STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion courses with a different perspective on safety and security as well as a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of threat avoidance and staying safe, which also helps support your duty of care obligations.

new knowledge and skills Acquire to prevail

Lessons learned in the STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Course not only dramatically improve confidence for traveler safety and security to help prevail when the unthinkable happens, but are lessons that transition to the everyday workplace and help improve performance in work and other areas of life.

Professional training delivered by experts

STS Black Ops Escape & Evasion Instructors are experts in E&E tradecraft that has been honed in real world environments. This gives your personnel a tactical advantage as they learn critical life saving and risk mitigating lessons to assist them in navigating the murky waters of potential threats, people and danger.



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Black Ops Escape AND Evasion


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