The STS Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Course is specially designed to teach personnel and travelers, the principles, protocols and methods of kidnap prevention and survival as they travel in all environments. This is a truly unique comprehensive training course that empowers your personnel, staff, team or family with knowledge and skills that can help you prevent, avoid or survive a kidnapping.

What is Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival?

As businesses continue to expand operations internationally and people have a more global dimension, the protection of personnel, employees, trade secrets and families is critical.

The Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Course is purposefully designed to increase awareness of the risks to the growing proliferation of Kidnapping globally, to prepare people with knowledge to recognize and avoid this type of danger, minimize their risk and to survive the unthinkable.

It is a threat focused strategic level program in which participants will gain real world intervention knowledge from experts through combined classroom learning, hands-on training, applied scenarios and other practical skill sets for anti-kidnap & hostage survival including conduct after capture for traveler safety and risk mitigation.

This is a truly unique training experience that empowers you, you’re staff, team or family with knowledge and skills with practical protective measures that can help you prevent, avoid or survive a kidnapping.

We can customize the program for specific travel regions and countries and work closely with you to ensure that we deliver the content and practical learning that is most appropriate to your objectives.

Course Standards

STS Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Course Options:

The STS Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Course gives lessons from real life experts on how to survive a kidnapping, carjacking, hijacking and other abduction attempts. It also explores Conduct After Capture (CAC) and what you should expect, what tactics might be employed, how you should act, and if and when you should try to escape and how if you are kidnapped.


This is the training course that can help prepare your personnel or family to survive a kidnapping or abduction situation. In this course, the participants will be exposed to the most basic through the most sophisticated kidnapping techniques that are being used by criminal and terrorist organizations in your area of operations or in the country, region or area where your travelers are heading.

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Simple and effective tactics, techniques and procedures to recognize, avoid, prevent and survive a Kidnapping including:

Understanding the specific threat environment, threat recognition, situational awareness, personal security planning, hostile surveillance detection, hotel security, routes and transportation security, hardening, choke points, understanding travel vulnerabilities in your area, resistance, isolation and captivity coping mechanisms, communication methods, survival mindset, when and how to fight back, what to expect if captured, ransom demands and negotiation, escape from captivity and defensive tactics and kidnap scenario training.

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Benefits of STS Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival

Reduces your risk exposure by preparing your team to minimize and manage threats to themselves and the organization.

Helps fulfill duty of care responsiblity.


Greater understanding of the risk environment.


Increase traveler confidence about safety and security relative to the threat of kidnapping. 

Increased awareness and security planning.

Professional training delivereD BY EXPERTS.




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